• LAST DAY: 22-09-2021

Bike outside da block

Bike outside da block is an initiative to allow under privileged families  the opportunity to have a safe large group bike ride through the city.

  • LAST DAY: 15-06-2020

Give N Peace

Give N Peace is an initiative that helps under privileged families get the necessities they need.

  • LAST DAY: 22-20-2020

Eat n Peace

Eat n Peace is an initiative to bring food to under privileged families in the Chicago land area. we know and understand first hand how hard it can be to finacially uphold a family when the foundation is broken. We are here to help. 

  • LAST DAY: 12-18-2020

Getcha Mind Right

Getch Mind Right is an initiative focused on helping kids in under privileged communities learn new technology. Tutoring sessions introducing kids to skills needed for the future

  • LAST DAY: 02-05-2020


We are Da streets is an initiative to stop the violence in the streets of Chicago. Expressing how we are all one and must first take personal responsibility to create real change.