Getcha Mind Right


What is Getcha Mind Right?

An innovative therapeutic approach aimed toward dispelling the mental health stigma while incorporating group therapy, peace circles and peer-to-peer support in order to address the root causes of trauma.

This program was designed to provide a space where young adults can begin to address 4 components that play a role in trauma awareness:

  • Violence Prevention– conversations about lived experiences and how the outcomes of those experiences have affects at the micro-, mezzo-, and macrolevels.
  • Health and Wellness– Healing from traumatic experiences or events are a process and therefore, require professional support systems, knowledge and access to healthy food options, and structured/intentional positive body movement.
  • Financial Literacy– By educating participants in financial literacy, we’re able to improve financial well-being, break the cycles of intergenerational financial crises and create pathways out of poverty.
  • Community Engagement– having knowledge of resources within one’s community, activating public spaces to engage others and encouraging unity amongst community residents and stakeholders for long-term impact.

Bike Outside Da Block

Event- Roll N Peace1

We intend to expose youth to viable careers, cultural opportunities, and fun by way of bike. BODB will promote healthy living, personal development, and community engagement among young people through the sport of cycling. Encouraging youth to adopt an active lifestyle by providing opportunities for regular cycling through organized rides, training programs, and events. Building a sense of community and belonging among young people by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all members. Teaching young people about bike maintenance and repair and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own bikes. We will Promote environmental awareness by educating young people about the environmental benefits of cycling and encouraging sustainable transportation choices.

  • Expose to career opportunities
  • Develop and enhance leadership skills, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Introduce to circle keeping
  • Teach bike mechanic skills
  • Introduce youth to a healthy lifestyle
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Cultural Competency

Community Violence Intervention

Our CVI front-line workers are positioned to proactively deter & prevent violence, connect community members to resources and promote nonviolent norms. This strategy provides a continuum of support to underserved people.

Connect Da Blocks

As the Anchor organization for Greater Englewood TODB takes a proactive approach aimed at identifying violence reduction strategies through community-led conversations, creates safe spaces, builds & strengthens block connections, activates public spaces and provides access to resources.


Trauma Awareness

Relationship Building

Civic Leadership

Transformative Skills

Community Connections

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