Getcha Mind Right

Program Name: Getcha Mind Right
Season: Spring 2023
Number of Youth:10-15
Age Group:18-30
Schedule: Every Saturday(12pm to 3pm)

Program Description:

Getcha Mind Right emphasizes the importance to address the effects that are caused by
childhood trauma. This therapy-based program creates a safe space for conversations focused
on mental health. Under this scope getcha mind right is allowed to create a different perspective
for youths how on their surrounding community affects them mentally, physically, and
emotionally. Data shows that on average 16 percent of youth in predominately black
neighborhoods like Englewood suffer from some form of mental health or trauma. Which is
usually caused by exposure to violence, abuse, neglect, separation, and loss. Ultimately Getcha
Mind Right hopes to improve the minds of Englewood youth, by guiding them to understand the
impacts of trauma, interrupt cycles of violence and build resilience. Participants learn critical
coping mechanisms and valuable tools to process their emotions and thoughts. Participants are
introduced to healthy ways to channel their anger and other strong emotions, enhance their
communication skills and become more mindful of everyday situations.


Possible Outcomes:

 Job Opportunities
 Access to licensed therapist professional
 A Safe Space/environment
 Exposure to healing trauma


Special Events:

Getcha Mind Right operates as the lead up program to think outside da block annual Roll N
Peace, an event celebrated throughout Englewood as one of the only violence free days of the
year. In addition to Roll N Peace, Getcha Mind Right also allows for the participating youths to
get involved in any events or programs that the organization offers.