Program Name: ROLL N PEACE
Season: SUMMER 2023
Number of Participants: 500+
Age Group: All Ages
Schedule: End Of June


Program Description:

Roll N Peace is an eight-bike tour that deliberately rides through impactful/historical landmarks
and communities where crime rates and activity is higher than the city average. Roll N Peace
has been a beacon of peace and positivity for communities that are underserved. This annual
bike ride brings awareness to the unnecessary violence with the desire to bring peace. While
also providing an opportunity for physical fitness and mobility increases within the community is
event allows for the community to take back the narrative of violence that has plagued
Englewood in the media in recent years. According to data provided from CPD’s 7 th district,
since its inception there have been no reports of violent crime on the day that Roll N Peace
takes place. Since 2020 Roll N Peace has seen engagement through multiple platforms of


Possible Outcomes:

 Increased physical fitness
 Increased exercise and mobility
 Reshaping of community’s violent perception
 Improvement of emotional and social well-being


Special Events:

 Kick-off to Bike Outside Da Block